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We purchase estate jewelry
and items you no longer need
or wear

Guns, Rifles


We buy guns and rifles
and carry many accessories
for hunting and

Computers, Laptops


We buy, sell and trade
so you can have a
computer when
you need it!

Power Tools

Hand Tools

Not using that tool anymore? We have
a large selection ofhand tools and
power tools to get
the job done!

Cash For Gold

Gold Coins or Chains

We pay cash for your gold!
Gold rings, plates or

Musical Instruments

For the Band

We buy and sell musical
instruments. Don’t need
pay top price for that
next piece!

Welcome To Glenda’s Treasures

and Pawn!

We are a reliable Pawn Shop servicing the Henderson, Oxford area for over 20 years. Glenda’s Treasures and Pawn is looking out for you. When you need quick cash, just bring in an item of value and we will give you fast cash! Everybody goes through times when more cash is needed. Bring in your jewelry, electronics or guns and we will provide you with instant money!

CALL US: 252 436-6052


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